Heartwarming news out of Las Vegas today indicates that Verne Troyer may have finally moved beyond the anguish of his Love Guru/Mini-Me Sex Tape summer twofer and into the restorative arms of one Dominique Arganese, a Montreal-based model whom Troyer recently wooed with a whirlwind Sin City courtship, according to InTouch Weekly:

“He wants to be with her all the time,” an insider tells In Touch. “It’s already getting serious.” The 39-year-old Austin Powers star recently jetted to Las Vegas with the Montreal-based beauty for a romantic weekend. On September 13, they had dinner at Strip House in Las Vegas. “They drank cocktails and were kissing,” a witness reports. “They spent every minute together and seemed in love.” [...] “He looked happy!” says an insider.

Aww! But who is this comely Québécoise, anyway? Her modeling profile reveals a predilection for gunplay and poker-chip pasties, while her Facebook profile picture suggests a flared, Photoshoppy fondness for what the porn industry colloquially refers to as 'Gina Shine. Beyond that, details are sketchy — but worry not! Once their exploits finally reach market for the holiday gift-giving season, the heavily vetted "tell-all" radio interview won't be far behind. Can't! Wait!