CNBC covered the "Sugar Mamas & Boy Toys" speed-dating event, and we noticed a picture of a young gentleman who... AHHHH no! It's sexually over-aggressive date-a-holic Paul Janka! He's infiltrated yet again. Let's do a body-language analysis:First, examine the photograph's composition. The large, half-melted white candle in the foreground is clearly a phallic symbol. The martini glass containing a pink liquid beside represents fertility and is frankly vaginal. Janka is leaning forward—an aggressive posture—with his elbows on his knees. That studied casualness indicates ambivalence, as does the dismissive way in which he's touching his face. He's interested, but not that interested. It is important, however, for him to maintain a dominant posture for the other cougars in the room. He is not making eye contact, however. Until he does, nobody will be getting laid.