· In her first film since her split with Raffaello Follieri, Anne Hathaway will topline The Opposite of Love as an attorney whose life collapses when she rejects her boyfriend's marriage interests. That kind of thing will happen when you say "No" to a Vatican wedding. [Variety] · Memo to Will Smith and Warner Bros. re your planned I Am Legend prequel: Save $149,999,996 and rent the original. It has flashbacks and everything! [Variety] After the jump: Spielberg contemplates sci-fi, Travolta visits Paris, and at last! Fag hags get a show of their own!· Boldly empowered by his newfound independence from Paramount, Steven Spielberg's next film may finally tackle his risky, long-unexplored interest in child/alien relationships. [THR] · Parlez vous Flopz™? John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are off to France as a spy and embassy worker in the thriller From Paris With Love. [Variety] · In our favorite Media Irony of the Day, masthead vagabond Tina Brown's HBO deal will officially launch with I Am Charlotte Simmons, a series adapted from Tom Wolfe's novel. [Gawker] · Are you a "girl who likes boys who likes boys?" If so, you might be Bravo's next big star! [La Daily Musto]