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• Is fashion in need of a bailout? Some people seem to think so! [NYT]
• The debut of Matthew Williamson's line for H&M resulted in a "mild frenzy," although it didn't reach Topshop levels of craziness. [Racked, NYM, Racked]
• Meanwhile, Williamson's debut in London attracted the likes of Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton, among others. [Vogue UK]

• Coloring your hair at home is all the rage now that spending $250 to have it done at a salon doesn't seem the best use of money these days. [NYT]
• Rumor has it that Marc Jacobs is bringing both Courtney Love and Madonna to the Costume Institute Ball. [NYM]
Oscar de la Renta is a million bucks richer today. [WWD]
• Beauty pageant drama isn't restricted to the United States. [DM]
• A man who bought several limited-edition prints by Takashi Murakami is suing Louis Vuitton after finding out they were made from leftover handbags. [LAT]
• Teenagers aren't buying clothes like they used to, which is totally screwing up America's cherished tradition of mall shopping. [NYT]
Jeffrey Kalinsky's Fashion Cares fundraiser took place last night. [SF]
• Another sign of the recession: fancy stores selling stuff on Ebay. [WSJ]