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• Are Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze planning to head down the aisle this summer? That's what the Star claims, since the two have been together "almost a year" and supposedly "don't see why they should wait much longer." As good a reason as any! [Star]
• Sam Ronson changed her relationship status on Facebook to "It's complicated," and says she and LiLo have started talking again, which may mean they're getting back together. [Us]
• Mary-Kate Olsen "kept touching" actor Bradley Cooper at a Tribeca Film Festival party, which could be a sign that they might be dating. [NYDN]
Parker Posey showed off her new man at the festival, too. She's dating a sculptor named Scott Lenhardt. [NYM]

• Jay Leno was hospitalized yesterday, and Thursday's taping of the Tonight Show was canceled. [NYT]
Gossip Girl's star Leighton Meester has landed a recording deal. [Star]
• Michael Phelps says he isn't dating Miss California after all. Too bad. [Us]
• Michael Lohan says he's "disturbed" that Lindsay would go on Ellen and say he cheated on her mom. Not that the accusation is false. [Extra, OK!]
• Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts, who met on the set of Twelve, have supposedly been going on "secret mini-dates," whatever that means. [NYDN]
• Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt haven't found any tabloids willing to pay for exclusive rights to their wedding photos yet. Too bad! [MSNBC]
• Michael Jackson's driver was involved in a hit-and-run incident in LA when he sideswiped an ambulance. [TMZ]
• Arnold Schwarzenegger will make a cameo in Terminator Salvation. [NYDN]
• Has Pamela Anderson been looking depressed lately because she's broke? That's what Courtney Love is telling everyone. [P6]
• Amy Winehouse's dad says he's so concerned about his daughter that he's flying to St. Lucia to be with her. Haven't we heard this before? [Sun]
• Ryan Reynolds is supposedly regretting marrying Scarlett Johansson without a prenup, since he's somehow super rich from investing in "stocks and MP3 technology in the early 2000s." [NYDN]
Grey Gardens' Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore both want to be nominated in the Best Actress at the Emmys, although HBO would rather that Lange move to the supporting actress category instead. [P6]
• Lily Allen supposedly celebrated the end of her US tour this week by going on a "rampage" in her dressing room. [Sun]
• Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas might be getting back together. [NYDN]
• Bruce Willis has signed a contract to promote Polish vodka. [Luxist]
• Matthew McConaughey says he doesn't wear deodorant because he "doesn't like to smell like someone or something else." Um, okay. [NYDN]