Judd Apatow Gets In Bed With YouTube Sensation Bo Burnham Picture it: You’re an 18-year-old kid from Massachusetts and you make a few YouTube videos of yourself singing humorous songs about math and banging old ladies. All of a sudden they start getting millions of hits. Then you get signed by Gersh and 3 Arts. Then, you perform at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Then you sign a 4-album deal with Comedy Central and film a special for the network. Then, to top it all off, Judd Apatow wants to produce a musical comedy that you’ll write the script for and star in. Did I mention that you’re fucking 18?! Well, all of those things happened to Bo Burnham , and if that doesn’t make you feel like an unaccomplished schmuck in your 20s or 30s then nothing will.Yes, according to the Hollywood Reporter , Mr. Burnham is currently in “negotiations with Universal to write and create the music for a comedy that Judd Apatow will produce. Burnham also could star in the project. The film is being described as a sort of anti-High School Musical , though it is not a parody.” Ugh. Burnham may be a talented guy, but we need to nip this trend in the bud pronto, people. If we don’t, soon we’re gonna hear that the Chocolate Rain guy will star in a Spike Lee “joint,” or that Chris Crocker will be the subject of a new Gus Van Sant bio pic. And if you find out that the Dramatic Prairie Dog scored a first look deal with Paramount, then you officially have my permission to kill yourself. [Photo Credit: boburnham.com]