· After getting booted from Dancing With The Stars last night, famed '80s bohunk Ted McGinley —whose unfortunately high-pitched voice was the only thing separating him from being one of the most dominating leading men of that decade— gave what will soon come to be recognized as the most humiliatingly pathetic concession speech in reality television history. Look on the bright side of things, Ted; at least you still get laid more than Jeffrey Ross. [DWTS] · Looking for the silver lining in our nation's near total economic collapse? Those glass-half-full kids over at USA Today compiled this dandy list of ten films inspired by past instances of financial ruin. [USA Today via MCN] · Sometimes, the title of a video says it all: "Horse takes a dump on stupid ladys head." [YouTube] · It's been some time since we've mentioned Attack Of The Show's impossibly shiny-haired Olivia Munn. But after we saw this sentence hits ou RSS ("Got home from work and fell asleep for a few hours… I woke up with two things on my mind: pie and blogging about pie. This is my story."), we realized it was high time for that streak to be broken. [Hey Olivia!] · We realize we just touched on Shenae's smoking habit like two posts ago, but this picture of her walking through a parking lot after buying not one, not two, but SIX (!!!) packs of Marlboro menthols is about as fierce as it gets. [Just Jared via Skeet On Shenae]