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Is that the first murmur of a rebellion against Michelle Obama's fashion icon status? The first lady, widely admired for her cutting edge style, reportedly insisted upon deciding the looks for all of her magazine covers, even Vogue, for which she chose her own dress and used her own hair and make-up people. But if Anna Wintour was frustrated by such control freakery, she was too diplomatic to say so, unlike More editor-in-chief Lesley Jane Seymour, from whom Michelle also point-blank refused any input: "We were like, 'Excuse me, we tell you what to wear." She wanted none of that. She was creating the cover. She was creating the image. There's definitely a will of steel there." For God's sake, no one tell celebrities that such behavior might be permitted, or there'll be mutiny! Well, for the few months that print magazines continue to exist, anyway.