Tom Cruise's Pushy Sister Running His Life Again

  • Tom Cruise's Scientologist sister Lee Ann Devette is running his life again. But she's not doing publicity! Just his thoughts and so forth.
  • Lindsay Lohan is seeking a protection order, like her Mom and sister have, to keep her press-hungry, trash-talking dad Michael away. [ P6]
  • Mariah Carey is not going to announce her pregnancy on Oprah, in case you were wondering. Also, there will be no announcement at all, anywhere. Furthermore, Carey is not pregnant. God bless internet rumors. [Daily Star]
  • Britney Spears dressed up like Uma Thurman dressed up like a character Quentin Tarantino created for Pulp Fiction in a similarly derivative fashion. It was for a music video. And thus ends Spears' long tradition of shocking originality. [DListed]