All those years in the theater on Broadway among catty drama types didn't thicken the skin of New York Times technology writer David Pogue much. Geek Out New York blogger John Teti wrote a clearly satirical piece wondering just how technology-savvy Pogue. His latest column described how you can use Google to search individual websites. Teti didn't even point out the misspelling of Facebook as "Facebok!" (Which I hear is the leading social networking site among South African antelopes.) The pile-on-Pogue post was clearly facetious, but that didn't stop Pogue from emailing Teti to complain. And then emailing again. And again. Pogue's initial, angry missive in full after the jump.

John, since you don’t permit comments (why?), I’ll have to answer your blog by email. The problem is, you completely missed the point of my tip (or you’re deliberately ignoring it to make me look stupid). The tip is this: Use Google INSTEAD of the sites’ internal Search boxes. This is not something that’s obvious, as you can see by the 80 comments for that post. ” You are SO right… Not only is this tip both so obvious and so overlooked, but it works like a charm,” says one. I imagine that most people, when they want to search Amazon, NYTimes, Facebook, eBay, or whatever, go to that site FIRST and use ITS search box. My point is that you can save time and get better results by NOT doing that. In your post, you totally mischaracterized the point of my tip. Dp

(Photo by macinate)