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People talk a lot these days about how rare it is to find proper, hard-hitting journalism and how everything you read in newspapers has been muddied by biases and agendas. Thank God, then, for work like Spencer Morgan's in-depth interview with "the beautiful people's walker" Derek Blasberg, which in inimitable Observer fashion leaves no stone unturned to reveal the man behind the rumors and misconceptions.

You may have had the impression, for instance, that Derek is a relentless social climber whose entire career has been founded on kissing up to prominent socialites. (See photo, above.) But that's not the case at all, apparently: It's simply that such women are desperate for his company.

"[H]e's the type of person people are just drawn to," says Katie Lee Joel, while Dasha Zhukova confirms he's "an incredible listener," and Fabiola Beracasa adds that "all the girls fight over him as an escort... You want to book him in advance. He's very attentive."

Okay, now we understand: Derek devotes his time to heiresses, trophy wives, and billionaires' girlfriends just to please them! Heaven will surely take note.

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