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The myriad horrors that keep young, beautiful socialites awake at night? Chief among them may be that Evite just isn't exclusive enough. Thankfully, and just in time for the utter collapse of the American economic system, two gorgeous children of privilege have gifted the world with Paperless Post, a new web-based service which offers a chic alternative to the vulgar, populist electronic invitations already available online. Even better? It's members only, in order that it "grow organically through people who actually know each other." Chic, and sustainable!

Paperless Post was birthed when precocious young Harvard grads, James and Alexa Hirschfeld (they're siblings), found themselves frustrated by the lack of expensive, useless nonsense obtainable online. Alexa, world-weary from her stint as Katie Couric's assistant, explains: "Katie got heaps and heaps of invitations. Some were engraved ecru paper, some were digitally printed, some were plexiglass prisms with orchids inside. But all of these very fancy forms of invites were really formalities, because even the bat mitzvah invitations were followed up by emails or scanned versions of the invitation."

According to W, members can send up to 12 invites each month for no charge. For larger fetes, users must purchase a virtual "stamp" per invite. While you're biding your time until Marc Jacobs at last extends an invitation to his next soirée, be content to know that rich people are a race of delicate creatures who have been mercifully freed from the yucky democracy of Evite.

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