After Meg Ryan spiced up her press tour for The Women by dropping infidelity bombs about ex-husband Dennis Quaid, the only question was whether the actor would decline a rebuttal, instead letting his patented "constipation face" speak volumes. Instead, Quaid spoke out to the NY Daily News, and though he didn't deny the allegations, he did attack Ryan for dredging up the past:

"It was eight years ago, and I find it unbelievable that Meg continues publicly to rehash and rewrite the story of our relationship," the actor tells us exclusively. "Also, I find it regrettable that our son, Jack, has to be reminded in a public way of the turmoil and pain that every child feels in a divorce." Quaid, who went on to marry real estate agent Kimberly Buffington and have twins last November, adds: "I, myself, moved on years ago and am fortunate to have a happy, beautiful family."

Why, is that a thinly veiled shot at Meg and her lovely adopted daughter, Oprah Winfrey Ryan? Be careful, Dennis: you can shut her down in the press all you want, but Meg Ryan will never be afraid to give you some lip (after all, she's got plenty to spare). [Photo Credit: AP]