The boys of Gossip Girl grace the cover of November's issue of Details, and inside, they recount the indignities they are forced to endure as professional thespians (such as avoiding paparazzi or shaving their tween-intimidating chest hair). None of the Gossip trio has it harder than pretty pony Chace Crawford, however, whose protestations that he's more than simply an actor/model are ignored by lascivious writer Mark Harris ("Perhaps you've seen [Crawford] shirtless and treasure-trailed for Abercrombie & Fitch" — perhaps we haven't, Mark!). Unfortunately for Crawford, there's one obstacle he may never overcome, and it's an affliction that is common in young men with Diesel jeans and a gym membership to Crunch:

Chace is cheerfully reeling off the indictments against him. "Model turned actor, dime a dozen, eye candy, doesn't know what he's doing ... and Perez Hilton says I have 'gayface.' So on top of everything else, I have to overcome gayface."

Somewhere, we hear America Ferrera rolling her eyes! We ask you, could a unicorn overcome its horn? Could a sun overcome its shine? Chace, kiddo, it's that "gayface" that got you where you are today. You don't disown it. You pull an American Eagle cap down over it, take it to Splash, and use it to rake in free appletinis until the bartender shouts "Last call!"