Okay, now I have no idea what to believe when it comes to Google's share price. Note in the above picture that both Yahoo Finance and Google Finance are reporting Google down to a 52-week low — after a sudden, forty-point drop right at the end of the day. But in after-hours trading, Google is back up over $400. Initially, Yahoo even had the stock all the way down to $200. Even MarketWatch got taken in by the wild swing. What's going on?

[There was a video here]

This is after Google Finance was misreporting lots of share prices yesterday evening. But this was official enough to trigger a 52-week low notification for users of the Fidelity Investments site. Any of you market obsessives out there want to explain what's going on? Technical glitch, or some sort of wily trader gamesmanship? Because if somebody actually caught a nearly 200-point swing in a trade of Google shares, they just made a mint. Update: Even MSN Money reported a day low of $0.01, generally a sign that trading has been halted for some reason. Curioser and curioser. NASDAQ is investigating, with CNBC reporting that NASDAQ cancelled some trades, and set the official closing price at $400.52. As one tipster speculated based on reports of a low at $200, "I bet you a nickel some ass traded 400 shares at 200 instead of 200 shares at 400."