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Eliot and Silda Spitzer made their first public appearance together last night. The couple turned up at the Waldorf for the eighth annual Children's Benefit Gala and were spotted holding hands and making "lovey-dovey looks at each other." Unconditional love is a beautiful thing. [NYDN]
• The stress over the Kiefer Sutherland/Jack McCollough incident must be getting to Brooke Shields: She was spotted looking "upset, overwhelmed and stressed" at the Innocence Project gala on Wednesday night. On a related note, the desk appearance ticket Kiefer received yesterday means he will be a free man until he shows up in court on June 21. [NYDN, NYP]
• Lindsay Lohan's 15-year-old sister Ali has reportedly dropped out of high school so she can party full-time with her big sister. Good work, Dina. [P6]
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting girls when their surrogate gives birth in a few weeks. [OK!]

• Madonna "threw a diva fit" and insisted that Rihanna change her outfit after finding out they were wearing the same Louis Vuitton boots to the Costume Institute Gala on Monday. [P6]
• Meanwhile, Madonna is paying for Jesus Luz to take English lessons. [DS]
• Oprah Winfrey has reportedly cancelled plans to have John Mayer perform at a party she's throwing for President Obama in July. It was out of respect for Jennifer Aniston, supposedly. [Janet Charlton]
• Some Jennifer Aniston pre-Mother's Day news for you: The actress says she and her mom have finally made up after 10 years of estrangement. [DE]
• Lindsay Lohan was held up at a Canadian airport on Saturday after customs officials hesitated to let her into the U.S. because of her 2007 DUI. But then they let her in anyway! Please call Lou Dobbs posthaste! [MSNBC]
• In a new book, Lance Armstrong says he and Sheryl Crow broke up because she wanted to have babies and he didn't. [P6]
Vanessa Minnillo is planning to dump Nick Lachey, but not until she finds another boyfriend to replace him, according to the trusty Enquirer. [NE]
Donald Trump says he's holding a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the fate of Carrie Prejean. [PH]
• Someone hacked into the singer Cassie's computer, and now topless pictures of her are circulating on the internet. [Fleshbot]
• Porn star Stormy Daniels may be getting into politics. [NYP]
• Paula Abdul is claiming she never told Ladies Home Journal that she'd been addicted to painkillers, and that the rehab clinic they say she checked into is just a "spa." [OK!]
Meryl Streep is making a guest appearance on 30 Rock. [ET]
Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh gave birth to a girl named Anniston Kae yesterday. [Us]
• Newlyweds Fergie and Josh Duhamel are supposedly fighting over having a baby, since she won't "take a break from her career to get pregnant." [DS]
Liam Neeson received an honorary doctorate from Queen's University in Belfast on Wednesday. [NYDN]
• A judge has lifted the restraining order on model Kendra Spears that barred her from changing agencies and going to Next Management. [NYDN]
• Nadya Suleman is having surgery to remove half of her uterus this weekend, and will no longer be able to have any more babies as a result. No comment. [NYDN]