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When people think "recession," some things that come to mind may be plummeting stocks and the long, slow slide into crippling depression. But self-loathing and sales of canned tuna aren't the only things on the rise. Unable to spend money on bars, restaurants and trips to the movies, people are opting for a cheaper form of entertainment: anxiety-fueled sex!

Apparently the recession's effect is similar to that of a blizzard: Stuck inside, bored, and stressed, sex offers immediate wallet-friendly solace. But there have been a few unintended consequences, too.

Waiting rooms across the country are steadily filling with pregnant women, prompting obstetricians to wonder if there's a baby boomlet on the way. While sex may be cheaper than, say, an evening at a hot, new restaurant, birth control and trips to the OB/GYN still cost money. And although a little physical gratification is a good way to combat stress and depression, unwanted children are an extremely reliable way of amplifying them. Perhaps it is better to just stick with the canned tuna.

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