As part of Google's tenth anniversary, the company has partnered with the Internet Archive to offer a slice of the World Wide Web circa 2001 — the oldest available archive of the company's search index. Before the Paris Hilton sex tape, before lolcats, back when Google was just another search engine in the roster of the Dogpile metsearch engine from the University of Washington. Oh those bygone, innocent days. Of course, the first thing I did was look myself up to see what flotsam and jetsam of my "Web presence" washed up from the tides of the past.Thankfully, just a link to my personal domain when I was using it to house a proof-of-concept for an article on CNet's about SMIL — probably using a RealPlayer embed (good times). That said, the Internet Archive was watching the whole time, so feel free to mock my less-than-1337 skillz over the years. And please do share your own gaffes in the comments.