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For the past few weeks, newspapers in Connecticut have been buzzing about a wealthy man who used to meet young women for sex and who became the victim of an extortion attempt when a lady he encountered on the site vowed to publicly expose his taste for prostitutes if he didn't come up with $100,000. (The site, which is designed for sugar daddies and the women who love them, was profiled in New York Times Magazine last month.) Over the weekend, the name of the mystery man was revealed—he's DuPont heir and money manager Stephen Dent. And it turns out this isn't his first time he's been down this road. According to the police in Greenwich, at least three women he has met on the site over the past few years have tried to blackmail him. Even more surprising? He says he's coping with the saga just fine thanks to the "tremendous support he has received from his wife." [Greenwich Time]