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Do you know how to "flirtext"? No? Prepare to be single for the rest of your life then. Flirtexting is what women "have to learn" to keep up with the 21st century dating scene, according to Olivia Baniuszewicz and Debra Goldstein, the authors of a new book called Flirtexting: How To Text Your Way To His Heart, who describe themselves as "graduates of The Rules and He's Just Not That Into You"). Now that we live in the "A.C. world of dating"—that stands for "after cell"—it's essential that women be comfortable with flirtexting etiquette, the duo claim, although men can still send the same old boring text messages they've always sent. (Flirtexting isn't for men, since it's a little "girly," explain the authors.) But if all of this sounds a little sexist and clichéd, well, think again.

"I think it's about empowering women to have the time to come across exactly the way they want and in the best light," explains Goldstein. "Empowering" may not be the word that comes to mind when you look at some of the advice they dish out to men, though:

Girls like a man with a plan. We like it when you take charge, know what you want, and go after it. If what you want is to spend more time with us, then plan a fun date and tell us that you're taking us out! Say things like: "Cancel your plans. I just got you better ones" [and] "Be ready at 8. I'm taking you out."

Not that it really matters if the advice in the book—or its premise—makes any sense. Baniuszewicz and Goldstein's only mission, it seems, is to get people talking about text messaging. As the women admit—and as their site makes clear—Flirtexting is just a stealthy marketing campaign for Virgin Mobile.

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