Click to viewOMG you guys gadgets and girls and hey it's the rich girl from Los Gatos and her iPhone and her friends and one is Julia Allison! Julia Allison you guys! Who is totally not the point of this story, because wow NextNewNetworks is really producing this?NextNewNetworks, an online-video startup better known for nerdy boy animated series and the comely political satire of Obama Girl, has been trying to break into the girly dating bracket for some time. The result: Allison's TMI Weekly. Tim Shey, NextNew's head of entertainment programming, told the Los Angeles Times:

We see it as an underserved community — young women who aren’t really reached by television. They’re watching a lot of YouTube. They care about style, tech, iPhones — how do they balance their career, their life and their relationship?

But the real draw here isn't women's "underserved" needs. It's watching these women — the Julia Allison Girl Army. They froth as sincerely as they can, but they're still doling out the same television-ready advice. Is anyone really watching for iPhone app recommendations? There'd be no show here at all if there weren't already an audience of women and men just waiting to see what mess Julia makes next. After this show inevitably flops, will NextNew adopt Allison's soon-to-be-rejected reality show, The IT Girls, and run that instead? There's a reason that Allison and friends haven't made it even onto cable yet — TMI Weekly is an apt showcase for the extreme dislikeability which will keep them sequestered to a third-rate online-video startup. But that doesn't matter for Shey and company: They can safely sit back, flip the switch, and collect.