And so it begins — like a bad flashback to the year 2000, word comes from a tipster that while investors have pulled the plug on social networking startup Uber the site and service may stay online thanks to some free hosting help from ShareNow. But that doesn't mean there will be any employees around minding the store. There will be nothing to mind, since the company is planning to sell off all its physical assets as a lot, according to a tipster citing a rant from a soon-to-be-ex-employee. The bitterness at what's left of the company is already starting to set in, with particular scorn for co-founder and company president Glenn Kaino who was described as "a real bastard," to paraphrase the disgruntled minion. So while it may not exactly be a chance to save Uber, it may well be a chance to get that deal on a piece of Hermann Miller office furniture if you missed your chance in the dot-bomb. Who'd a thunk a site intended for jetset hipsters would end up a bargain-hunter's dream?