LiveUniverse struggling to pay employees, clients It's only a matter of a few hundred dollars, but after high acquisitive LiveUniverse acquired affiliate movie marketer Peerflix, blogger Eric D. Snider stopped receiving the until-then-regular checks . Which happened around the exact same time that we got a tip — in late August — that LiveUniverse didn't have enough cash to pay employees on payday. And it's just the latest in a string of bad signs.Besides Peerflix, the company started by jilted MySpacer Brad Greenspan has also purchased struggling companies PageFlakes and Revver in the last year, and Greenspan made a personal investment in Flurl , but was turned away by JumpTV . All that wheeling and dealing while not paying attention to basic operations like payroll? Flashy products and technology that may or may not actually exist? "Out of touch " sounds about right. Greenspan and friends will probably just blame the market as management shorts employees, since that's all the rage these days . But this looks a lot like a textbook case of "excess and lack of self-discipline " to me. Who may end up the winner in all this? The Hollywood Hills Cat Burglar , who seems to have gotten away from Greenspan's mess just in time. (Photo by Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez)