Some of Yahoo Tech Ticker's recent headlines have little to do with tech: "Senate Passes Bailout Bill: 74 to 25"; "Buffett Buys $3B of GE Preferred, Company Selling $12B of Common"; and "It's 'Absolute Nirvana' for Value Investors, Whitney Tilson Says." Tech Ticker talking head Sarah Lacy has posted an existential complaint. The title: "When Tech Reporters Become Irrelevant." When? We thought they always were. But we digress. Lacy writes that there's been one tech story this year mainstream enough for a Yahoo audience — the Microsoft-Yahoo non-merger — but that otherwise, "it's been a year of financial news."Fellow Tech Ticker talker Henry Blodget has steered his own Silicon Alley Insider website away from New York's Silicon Alley. Lacy seems to be taking it personally: "Judging from these eye-popping numbers, few of you aren't watching Tech Ticker. I'm glad I wasn't missed during my month on tour. Sniff." (Photo by Randy Stewart)