So what are you working on? If you're tax-cheating media-gatecrasher Priyantha Silva—known more for your sweaty drinking exploits than your fictional producing career—it's where things might go wrong. That's probably why he's chatting up aspiring actresses and sending them these upcoming "film projects." "Legend of Black Tom isn't a real [politically correct] title, but I believe some studio would throw it out," snarks the gal who sent them to us. We've also been deluged with memories from others: "He's had it in for me ever since this," said Star's Ben Widdicombe. "I saw him trying to get into the Calvin Klein 40th anniversary party during Fashion Week, and more recently at a Vanity Fair party for St John. He was trying to chat up Lauren Bush before the alert event organizer separated them. He has been in and out of prison and is more dangerous than just a harmless party crasher." Oh, great!From yet another lady:

"I met him at this "power woman" party last week, or rather I was cornered by him... He walked up to me at this cocktail thing, grabbed my hand and kissed it before I could yank it away (and believe me I did, I'm not sure I could have been more rude, actually ) and then as I kept backing away he kept stepping towards me, like the Seinfeld close-talker... I think his story this time was that he was an Oscar producer or some such.

Silva's fictional "projects" include action film Judex (with Michael Douglas), Hunt of the Sea Wolves (a modern-day pirate film with Bruce Willis), and Raritan Valley Line, a domestic drama starring Sissy Spacek and Mary Louise Parker. Here's the treatment for the unfortunately-named historical drama Legend of Black Tom. It sounds kind of good, actually?