A couple of days ago, we told you about Ben Massing, the straight model who is suing gay magazine Genre for using sexypex photos without his consent. People were crying homophobia, but others figured it was just a matter of "hey, I didn't say you could use those." Turns out, it's kinda both. Queerty got their grubby gay hands on the lawsuit, and there is some "oh no he didn't" anti-gay language embedded within it:

When considered in the context of the issue of Genre [the images] are reasonably susceptible to defamatory connotation and heightens the false and defamatory impression that the plaintiff is sexually lustful and promiscuous, poses nude, and prescribes to homosexuality.

(Bolding is ours) So basically, the pictures were used without his permission and that's grounds enough for a lawsuit, I suppose. But all the mental anguish and career-damaging stuff? Um, gross. May we kindly suggest he go back to Florida and perhaps aim for a career at Hollister? Or [shudder] Aéropostale?