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We've heard that the economic downturn has been effecting libidos. But now Pfizer has arrived on the scene to help ease the pain: The pharma giant has announced that it plans to distribute more than 70 of its medications for free, a list that doesn't just include Lipitor but also life-saving creations like Viagra. To qualify for the program, though, you'll have to meet certain criteria.

You'll be asked to prove you lost your job recently, can't pay for the drugs on your own, and were taking the drugs you're requesting before you were laid off. So if filling a prescription for Viagra wasn't embarrassing enough before, now you'll also have to also show that you're poor, too.

It's all a marketing strategy on Pfizer's part, naturally. They just want you to think they actually care about you in the hopes that once you do get another job again, you can go back to overpaying for your medications. But who cares, really? It's hard to argue with free drugs! At least that's what you should tell yourself when you go over to the Pfizer's website and disclose your medical history and your financial information on one convenient form.

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