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Former Lehman chief Dick Fuld may have been willing to hand over his luxe Florida home to his wife for $100, but he's looking for a little bit more from the sale of his Park Avenue apartment. Fuld purchased the 6,200-square-foot co-op at 640 Park in 2006 for $21 million. Now rumor has it he's looking to exit the building and has tapped Kathryn Steinberg of Edward Lee Cave to handle the sale. And he'd like to make a eight-figure profit on the deal, too.

How much does Fuld, who one diehard fan of this website once described as the "worst person in the world," want for the place? About $32 million, or $11 million more than he paid for it at the height of the boom.

It isn't clear how much renovation work Fuld and his wife Kathy put into the apartment; its previous owner, elderly heiress Evelyn Annenberg Jaffe Hall, supposedly left it less-than-ideal condition. (Photos of the apartment from 2006 are here.) But unless the apartment's five fireplaces have since been filled in with solid gold, we're guessing a series of price cuts will soon follow.

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