Jackie Mason Thinks 'Sick Yenta' Sarah Silverman Oughta Shut Her Punim Just as British funnymen Ricky Gervais and Simon Pegg have resolved to patch up their "fat idiot" feud , along come Sarah Silverman and Jackie Mason to fill the void with their own bit of culturally specific warring. Perhaps you'll recall Silverman's recent video for thegreatschlep.com , an organization designed to coax young, Jewish Obama supporters to travel to Florida and convince their grandparents to vote Democrat. Creaky comic Mason is not a fan of this idea (to put it mildly) and in an ad paid for by a Jewish Republicans group, he tears into both Obama and Silverman, calling the latter a "sick yenta." Careful, Jackie — if Silverman can handle talking shit about her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel , she's not going to be daunted by your dated patter. Both videos, after the jump: