Is everyone done blogging about Valleywag's layoffs? I'm still here. I'm the "one other" the New York media deigned to mention. It's exactly like being the 80 percent of Yahoo that won't be laid off, if that 80 percent was one guy. Melissa, Jackson and Nicholas are good writers. All three will probably be making more money soon. For me, at least the rest of the week didn't hit so hard. Google's stock drop had no effect on my personal net worth — take that, Kara Swisher! Facebook's star engineer quit, but I've gotten used to the Ajax errors when I try to reply to high school friends at quarter to midnight. Anyway, next week I'll be here, Owen will be here, and hopefully you'll still be here. Keep those Steve Jobs heart attack tips coming. Those are the best. (Photo of Taurus the not-laid-off wonderdog by Jason Calacanis)