We haven't heard from moleman, former New York City Mayor, and all around horrible creature Rudy Giuliani in a while. With his Presidential ambitions turning out to be a colossal joke, and the right wing GOP base sure to find offense with his gay-friendly, cousin-marrying, adulterating ways, surely he's found a nice quiet palace where he and his money can hide away in peace? No such luck. He's doing his best to shred his last ounce of credibility by wandering the hinterland and defending Sarah Palin—in that typically nasty Giuliani way of his.

The former New York City mayor spoke at a press conference at the Ohio Victory campaign’s grassroots leadership conference Saturday. Giuliani was asked what he would say to columnists who’ve criticized John McCain’s selection of Palin, such as Kathleen Parker, George Will and David Frum. “I think they look like a bunch of jerks after the debate the other night,” Giuliani said. “I think they should all say they made a mistake.”