• How is Twitter going to make money? With a reality TV series, naturally. The show will involve "putting ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format," in case you were wondering. [Variety]
• The primetime lineups for next year "are chockablock with shows meant to make recession-weary viewers laugh and feel better." How encouraging! [NYT]
• Ratings are down for CNN's Anderson Cooper as well as for Roland Martin, who has been subbing for Campbell Brown recently. [Page Six]
• Bravo's next Real Housewives installment: Washington, DC. [Daily Intel]
• Fox News nut Greta Van Susteren may not be around for long. Rumor has it her contract won't be be renewed and Megyn Kelly will replace her. [NYT]
New York lost close to $5 million last year; with ad pages down 37 percent thus far in 2009, "losses are expected to be even higher this year." [NYP]
• A Russian investment firm has dropped $200 million into Facebook's bank account in return for a 1.96 percent stake in the company. [NYT]
• Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum sequel beat out the fourth installment of the Terminator franchise with a four-day pull of $70 million. [Reuters]

• Three weeks after Hollywood agencies William Morris and Endeavor combined forces, William Morris chair Jim Wiatt has announced plans to depart the company, a move that leaves Ari Emanuel on top. [LAT, NYP]
• All the Jon and Kate Gosselin drama seems to be paying off nicely. Jon and Kate Plus 8's premiere scored the highest ratings in the series' history. [B&C]
• The New York Times has brought on a "social media editor." [Gawker, PC]
• Condé Nast is getting rid of its office space at 485 Lexington Ave. [NYP]
Tucker Carlson is launching a right-wing version of the Huffington Post. [TH]
• As you suspected, magazine readers are getting older by the minute. [AdAge]