His Coke Rewards . Former Roseanne Barr-satisfier Tom Arnold is grappling with an addiction to Diet Coke and Nicorette: "I've had 30 Diet Cokes in 12 hours on set and then I'll eat a whole cake. After I quit cigars, I got addicted to Nicorette. I've been on a cleanse...The first three days I was hallucinating. It was way worse than rehab for drugs. In rehab they give you a little something to take." It might sound like an innocuous enough addiction, but the truth is Diet Coke really is the devil's fizzy, 1-calorie candy. We'll never forget a story from The Black Table about DC addiction with one of the most chills-inducing ledes we've ever read: "Iva-Marie Palmer quite literally wakes up with a Diet Coke, downing her first one of the day while still in the shower." [Daily Star ]