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Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer raised $10 billion with a big bond sale in the UK on Tuesday. Closer to home, it's looking to raise $64.75 million by selling off two of its Gulfstream jets. The world's largest drugmaker has put a Gulfstream V up for sale for $29.25 million; the company is also looking for someone to take possession of an even fancier Gulfstream 550 for $35.5 million. It's unclear when the planes were put up for sale exactly, although both were reduced in price recently. And while there's no indication if Pfizer chief Jeff Kindler would be willing to negotiate a little package deal, if your company is flush with cash and your logo is blue, you'll save a small fortune by not having to repaint them. (They come in matching shades of Pfizer—Viagra—blue, naturally.) Click on the photo above to see the planes that millions of impotent men around the world so generously paid for.