Everyone—even 6'5" dudes—is planning on being Sarah Palin for Halloween this year. We called up a Ricky's costume store, looking to see if they carried Palin costumes or at least had noticed an uptick in glasses-and-brunette-wig sales. "Who?" Sarah Palin. "Sarah... um, oh. No." But had the sales clerk noticed people buying more brown wigs and glasses? "Well, we got Obama masks, John McCain masks, Bill Clinton masks." But don't just throw on a wig and glasses—there are so many angles on dressing up as Sarah!The Definitive Palin: Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. Do not attempt this.

Trannie Palin: Lucky Cheng's in Manhattan had a Sarah Palin Drag Show!

Gay Pride Palin: Very similar to Trannie Palin, except it took part at San Francisco's most recent Folsom Street Fair, "the grandaddy of all leather events."

Stripper Palin: Is there a brunette dancing girl with glasses in your strip club? That would be such a great money-making gimmick right now.

Beauty Pageant Palin: Finally, we got ahold of PR at the Ricky's Halloween store. She suggested this. "We've created a Sarah Palin costume. It's a sash that says "Ms. Alaksa" on one side and "Ms. Vice President" on the other. It comes with glasses."