Actress Minnie Driver recently gave birth to her son Henry last month, and in lieu of some splashy magazine cover (I mean, not that she's that big of a star to warrant that, but you know), she decided to just post a humble, makeup free, mom and baby photo on MySpace. It's a refreshingly un-self-indulgent photo that is heartening to see in this time of the splashy money-making, high gloss, celebrity baby industry. Maybe it represents a new era? Celebrities like Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have retreated to MySpace and blogs to issue PR statements, so maybe the baby business will become less of a controlled and manipulated cottage industry as well. The owners of OK! magazine, one of the biggest baby buyers, recently stopped the crazed spending the tabloid had enjoyed indiscriminately for some years. Maybe Driver's new, simpler way will help drive the baby market down and babies will just become babies again, rather than increasingly cynical magazine tentpoles.