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• Lindsay Lohan is stirring up a bit of trouble in Paris. Apparently she's been in discussions with Emanuel Ungaro about signing on as a "creative consultant," although Ungaro's Esteban Cortazar is threatening to walk if that happens. [P6]
• An "insider" says a "fragile" Britney Spears doesn't really want to be on tour, but her dad has been forcing her into it. [MSNBC]
Christie Brinkley says she has no plans to get married again and doesn't really know why anyone would bother getting married, but does still believe in "true love," if that's any consolation. [Us]
• Amy Winehouse's "last-ditch" plan to sober up isn't going so well. Instead of six shots of tequila for breakfast, she now settles for two. [DM]

• Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted getting cozy at a dinner following the MTV Movie Awards. [NYDN]
• Nicole Kidman's reps are denying reports the actress is planning to adopt a baby from Vietnam. [DM]
• Conan O'Brien's debut last night received mixed reviews from critics. [Us]
• Does reality TV ruin marriages? The evidence suggests "yes." [People]
• The success of Kate & Jon Plus 8 had led TLC to make plans to air another show about a family expecting multiple babies. [Us]
• Stephen Dorff's new girlfriend is his publicist, Robin Baum. [P6]
• The Eminem-Bruno stunt at the MTV Movie Awards was staged. Duh. [EW]