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Summer is here, which means Plum TV is back in action, filming the sorts of hard-hitting interviews you just can't find anywhere else. This week, the host of "The Juice," Nick Leighton, files a two-part interview with none other than Lizzie Grubman.

Unfortunately, the one-time mega-publicist (and now "publicist/manager") doesn't reveal much: She spends a good part of the interview scolding Leighton for drinking on camera and urging him not to drink and drive, ironically.

It is amusing, though, to watch Leighton ask Grubman if she has any info on Madonna's whereabouts in the Hamptons and then repeatedly press her for details, seemingly unaware that the pop star in question just so happens to be one of her father's oldest and most profitable clients and thus the last person on earth Lizzie would be willing to dish about.

Oh, well. Can't blame a girl for trying.

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