Deep gratitude to Videogum for guiding us to this scene from The Happening—M. Night Shyamalan's surprisingly lucrative eco-thriller, originally pitched to skeptical studio execs as, "A lot like the The Birds, but instead it's The Trees. Well, there's birds in the trees, but they aren't scary. I dunno, maybe they're already dead. Hello? Are you still with me? What are you scribbling on that notepad? Do you want this or not, because there's plenty of studios who do."The Happs got its DVD release yesterday, bringing us to the above Mark Wahlberg/Zooey Deschanel exchange. For those left confounded by Andy Samberg's brilliant Wahlberg impression on SNL last week, we encourage you to watch both, then imagine Manoj's crackling dialogue replaced with: "Hey pharmacist, how's it going? I like your lab coat and name tag, that looks really great. So you're a pharmacist, right? What's that all about? Where's the cough syrup? OK, well it was great to meet you. Say hi to your mother for me, OK?"