A week after suspicion arose that Emma Watson is plotting a European jailbreak for four years of college in the States, the Harry Potter co-star was spotted touring Harvard on Wednesday. True to its celeb news mission, the Harvard Crimson today passed along all the specifics about young Hermione's Cambridge sojourn, right down to the architectural flourishes that generations of university officials had been preparing for her visit since 1874:

She was sighted at approximately 10:30 yesterday morning at Quincy House by Chase Russell ’11 and Brian P. Hill ’11. [...] Hill said he nearly collided with one of Watson’s escorts while leaving the House, before unthinkingly saying he was on his way to class. Watson then went to visit the room of the next student she approached, much to Hill’s chagrin. “I actually called my mom; I was so distraught,” he said. “It was all I could think about for the entire morning.” Other unconfirmed reports placed Watson around campus at the Admissions Office, the Barker Center and Annenberg Hall — which is often said to evoke the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the fictional wizarding school at which Hermione studies.

Other unconfirmed reports had sixth-year senior Chris Oberkfell '07 far less distraught after running into Watson on her downlow "pub evaluation tour" of Boston, at the end of which Oberkfell was paid handsomely to delete grainy cell-phone images he had snapped while the young star tested each establishment's wares for quality. Luckily, we'll always have our memories. We can hardly wait to see how the Washington Square News follows this tomorrow.