After a remarkably sedate, breast cancer-themed episode of The View yesterday, the political fur flew once again this morning as Elisabeth Hasselbeck continued to press the last line of Republican defense: Barack Obama's tenuous tie to William Ayers. This time, Joy Behar (over the protests of a sneezing Whoopi Goldberg) tried to raise the issue of Sarah Palin's ties to an Alaska secessionist group, but Elisabeth would not be deterred — and she had a glossy trump card yet to play.

After Joy said her piece, Elisabeth informed the group that she was willing to lay her shiny blond hairstyle on the line for John McCain and his blemish-free associates (cough cough John Hagee cough). Sadly, none of the other View hosts were ready to make such a follicular sacrifice — though we would have loved to see Sherri Shepherd snatch the wig off her own head and toss it at Elisabeth before resuming the finger-wag she's so prematurely put into hibernation.