Any amateur document experts want to weigh in on this document which is floating around the web? It purports to represent the high-school grades of one Sarah Heath of Wasilla, Alaska, now the Republican running mate. If the report card is a forgery, it's decent work.

The grades are mediocre-appropriately the small-town girl scores a D in foreign language-but not so dreadful as to immediately stretch credulity. And the first five digits of the social security number do match Sarah Palin's.

However, that latter information is readily available on Nexis' public records search; the document would have been more believable had the last four digits not been erased from the school transcript. An SAT score of 841 does seem rather too low to be credible-especially since Sarah Palin was said to have been an honor student. And this document was in a PDF document clearly prepared recently but stamped "received" on June 2003, an effort to show authenticity which in fact only increases the doubts.

Update: Art director Rick Paulas demonstrates why he believes the transcripts are fake.