If there's one thing Angelina Jolie loves even more than Hot Pockets, it's babies. Together with partner Brad Pitt, Jolie collects children as though they were Pokemon, though the self-sired birth of their recent Chosen Blobs has allowed Jolie to engage in one eye-opening new activity: breast-feeding on the cover of W magazine! We'll let the purple prose of the Daily Mail describe the tableau: "The Hollywood star sits with brunette locks tumbling over her shoulders, with the top of her blouse pulled down to expose her breast - which is somewhat covered by the tiny fingers which just reveal the presence of one of her suckling twins." Funny, we saw it a different way. Our analysis and the full picture, after the jump:

Clearly, Angelina Jolie has given birth to a three-fingered baby (or, possibly, Kristen Wiig). Though it's hard to believe two of Hollywood's most perfect parents could create a non-flawless child, at least there is hope. Angelina, meet new Bond girl Gemma Arterton — we hear she might have a few extra digits to spare.