This image was lost some time after publication. and Kanye West hosted the "The Women of Fashion 2009" at the New York Palace Hotel last night. Intrepid nightlife reporter Douglas Marshall caught up with Kanye to ask him about, well, women and fashion:

Q: So what makes a woman fashionable? What does it for you?
A: Just something that really works well on their figure. A woman can be really, really in shape and have a great body. Or a woman can be bigger and just know how to wear clothes properly, and I really appreciate that. I love a great pair of shoes, a great bag—great accessories. But not too much, not when women let the clothes wear them. And I like a woman that respects men. They dress for their homegirls and everything, but they want us to be attracted to them, too.
Q: If you had to pick a woman who always looks great, who would that be?
A: My favorite all time favorite is [French Vogue editor] Carine Roitfeld. It may be a cliché, but it is what it is. She is the reigning, living legend. It's the element of hood. It's hood. Foxy Brown could wear the same shearling coat as Carine Roitfeld.