• The late night battle rages on: After losing ground to Letterman, Conan bounced back last night, and had a pretty solid first week overall. [THR, NYT]
• Boston-based Intercontinental Real Estate Corp. confirms that it has been talks with the New York Times Co. to purchase the Boston Globe. [BH]
Stephen Colbert's decision to broadcast from Iraq worked out nicely: Ratings for the Comedy Central show have been up 25 percent this week. [NYT]
Joy Behar is launching a new talk show on HLN. The best part about it: She'll be bumping blowhard Lou Dobbs from his 9pm slot on the network. [NYT]
• TV, print and online ad spending fell 14 percent in the first quarter. [WSJ]
• Hope you're a Marley & Me fan. HarperCollins is cemented a deal to publish 13 children's books about the world's most famous Labrador. Yes, 13. [PW]

• Happy coincidence? New AOL chief Tim Armstrong has acquired two web startups, one of which is a company that Armstrong is an investor in. [PC]
Times reporter Warren St. John can't get the Times to review his book. [P6]
• Whoops! Us Weekly and Star kind of ran the same cover this week. [Folio]
• Gigi Levangie Grazer's latest book, Queen Takes King, is set to debut. [P6]
• Fox News' Megyn Kelly is the next Diane Sawyer, apparently. [HuffPo]