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• Beny Alagem, the Israeli-born founder of Packard Bell Electronics and now the owner of the Beverly Hills Hilton, has put his 15th-floor condo at 15 CPW on the market. The three-bedroom apartment, which Alagem and his wife Adele bought for $15.4 million in April 2008, is listed for $24 million. [Cityfile, BHS]
• Dr. Athanase Lavidas, the chief executive of the Greek pharmaceutical company Lavipharm Group, has re-listed his massive apartment at 2 East 67th Street six months after taking it off the market. The 11-room spread, which features a design by interior designer John Saladino, is back on the market for the same $43 million price it was listed for last November. [Cityfile, BHS]
• Real estate mogul and former WorldCom director Francesco Galesi still hasn't managed to find a buyer for his 16-room River House duplex, more than four years after first listing it for $50 million. The price is now down to $35 million, though, so hopefully he won't have to wait another four. [NYO, BHS]