Imagine you're a marketing intern at an online dating company that lets you video-chat with others. Part of your job is to give the lonely ladies out there a little webcam-time and pretend you like them. That's what tipster Corey does: "To be fair, it’s not so much an internship as it is emotional prostitution... It's weird and mildly unethical, but it pays well. I mean, if I have to let some 45 year old cat lady from Wyoming think we’re having an emotional affair so I can occasionally eat at Le Bateau Ivre, then so be it." We understand. But it must have been shocking for him to have the omniscient fameball trio of dating columnist Julia Allison & her Nonsociety friends pop up on his screen while he was emotionally prostituting himself. He must have felt like he truly met his match!

This morning I was wooing my usual cavalcade of shut-ins when media maven Julia Allison showed up on my screen. I took this screen shot of our session, she was accompanied by Mary Rambin and some hot chick named Meghan Asha.

Apparently they were on my site to promote their site, Nonsociety. They were kinda bitchy... but none of that really matters because they liked my scarf and said I was cute.

Considering the site, its pretty pathetic that they thought this would bring Nonsociety any press or traffic... It isn't the "Oh Fuck" School of PR, it's the "whore yourself out through every conceivable avenue" school of PR.

In this economy, we are all whores—see you at Le Bateau Ivre. [via Katie and Corey]