Sigh. Even though he was funny in that movie Tropic Thunder and his upcoming eye-patch epic Valkyrie actually doesn't look that bad, everyone still hates Tom Cruise. Always with the hating of Tom Cruise! Anti-Scientology protester group Anonymous is scheduled to once again picket at the Schoenfeld Theater, where his bewitched wife Katie Holmes is acting in a play. Last time they had signs that said things like "Free Katie, keep Tom," which is just mean, y'all. And now New York actress grand dame Lauren Bacall hates Tom too: "Tom Cruise is a maniac. I can't understand the way he conducts his life," the octogenarian told Elle magazine in a recent interview. She added that his "whole behavior is so shocking . . . inappropriate and vulgar." She was reacting to his breakup with wife Nicole Kidman, which occurred when Kidman accidentally burned herself on the radiator at their London home, causing her to suddenly snap out of the foggy hypnotic state she'd been in, like when Short Round burns Indy in Temple of Doom so he'll stop doing Mola Ram's bidding. [P6]