CosmoGirl Is First In The Great Magazine Die-OffJeff Bercovici is reporting that CosmoGirl, Hearst's teen-targeted girlie mag, is folding. It was just confirmed by the company, which says it's consolidating the mag with Seventeen. At least it lasted slightly longer than Teen People and ElleGirl! But this could just be the first of many titles to succumb to the horrible new economic environment for mid-tier media outlets, in particular. So what other magazines are going to fold next? We have a couple of guesses. Do you?: Men's Vogue? It's been getting thinner and thinner lately, and could be on its last legs, judging by outward appearances. Details? The men's mag recently came out of the closet—which is nice, but no guarantee of success. It's in a challenging place, and it's not that strong. (Though we hear it's on slightly firmer footing these days than it has been at times in the past). Your thoughts about who could be next in the comments, please. This may be the beginning of something bad.