Earlier this summer, Chinatown Garbage tourister Nate Hill told everyone, plus his dad, about his E.V.E. art project via video: "I know how much you love African art... [it's a] life size female human being that I'm currently sewing together. It should be complete around September." Well gee-boy was he right. The creepy thing—which "contains parts from buffalo, cat, cow, coyote, dog, fish, guinea hen, lobster, octopus, ox, pig, rabbit, shrimp, and squirrel"—is done, right on schedule. In light of this summer's real (Montuak) monsters, man-made beasts are suddenly looking hip for Fall.It's her hand, above. This part below is the head! Duh.

You can see the entire beast-lady in person here, on Halloween. There, now you have plans.